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Fx Moola developers claims that:

Most exclusive rectified & modified Forex Moola EA, now has cost $248 only. Its ancient cost was $1240. Every live particle of the matter in this universe has the soul means God. This live software Forex-Moola EA having soul would never fail in future and never die. Hence everyone should use it. This most exclusive, Forex-Moola EA has been created by two Ancient Soul of Germany & Austria.

Buy it, Profit is sure.



  • It works all time, i.e. 24×5, without any human intervention. Just set it and forget it.
  • It is well known that 24 hours online computer system is necessary for an Expert Advisor. But unfortunately if your computer or internet is turned off for a while, then also, EA again come back in proper working as soon as your computer turned ON with internet. EA is capable to handle already opened trades after a time-break.
  • It does trading in Grid pattern. So it opens alternate Buy & Sell positions; and take-profit & stop-loss levels are determined by Fibonacci levels. Beyond this, it also uses two fantastic indicators, so overall Fx-Moola EA is well designed to give enough Profit in your account.
  • If your broker has large spread then its not a problem with this EA.
  • This awesome EA can be used with any type of currency pair. We have tested well it on EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, 1-minute. With volatile pairs such as, EURJPY, USDJPY it is giving fantastic results.

17 thoughts on “Forex Moola Expert Advisor

  1. Asterix Umed

    performance is killer. Amazing team developed this amazing EA. wao! I M SO IMPRESSED.
    Many thanks to you moola guys.

  2. zamny Kart

    really very good EA, you need not to worry about set files, developers giving you automatic as they find its optimized values. good job.

  3. Danial R

    I am running this on my 3 live accounts. During last 10 days I made $2200 in my all 3 accounts. Very promising EA. Salute fxmoola

  4. Sam David

    I installed in my real account and yesterday my $100000 account became of $198656. I am too much happy. Just now bought 4 more licences for another live accounts.

  5. John Mantu

    I am trading forex since last 5 years. In my life I seen first time such a really working bot. What a job 🙂

  6. Tom Viktor

    with a little aggressive setup, my account doubled just within a week; Thanks GOD. Thanks Moola. Thanks Moola creator.

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